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Art Direction of Museum of
Real Madrid C.F.
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Mediapro /
Tour Bernabéu, Real Madrid C.F.
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The Stadium Tour of Real Madrid CF, is a tour of the Bernabeu Stadium and the history of one of the most famous football clubs in the world and winners. Through the production company Mediapro, collaborated in the conceptualization and development of the new Museum Tour of Real Madrid CF Bernabéu The museum consists of three spaces on two floors. From the beginning, the new technologies should coexist with more traditional developments as the showcases. And from the first steps of the path intersect with objects displays images centenarian club. The story takes place on both sides of the aisle, objects and trophies that stage milestones and achievements of the club, and in turn, access through touch screens and video of the matches and templates that were achieved with all the titles the history of Real Madrid CF And in the space set by sets of screens, images collapses accompanying travel. A spectacular facility that serves as an excellent setting for the presentation of history that has been “the best club of the twentieth century¨.

Collaboration in the Museum of Art direction

Creation: Museum style manual

Conceptualized and produced by:
Grupo Mediapro

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