Pascual Vilaplana<br />Associats
Pascual Vilaplana<br />Associats
Pascual Vilaplana<br />Associats
Pascual Vilaplana<br />Associats

Pascual Vilaplana

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Corporate Identity
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Pascual Vilaplana Associats
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Pascual Vilaplana Associats is a studio dedicated to Interior Design and Museology, or as they are defined in the design of spaces. It is a studio which we have collaborated countless times and that we share a strong friendship. When we are commissioned its new corporate identity, the first premise was propose to make a logo / brand with the name of the company. Always difficult to customize an already naming is itself “personal”. That’s when we remember Ferran Adrià and his reconstruction and decontextualization, which is to isolate the various ingredients, usually typical, and rebuild it in an unusual way, so that the appearance and texture are completely different while the flavor remains unchanged. To us it tastes like “Pascuales”.

Design and Art Direction Corporate Identity

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