Festival Flamenco 07<br/> Taller de Músics
Festival Flamenco 07<br/> Taller de Músics

Festival Flamenco 07
Taller de Músics

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Graphic Identity and
Art Direction for Festival
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Taller de Músics
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Evils’. The evils of the artists I have invited are none other than those motivated by the pleasure of life cheat, play radical positions against the Orthodox and those who surrender to boredom from the above.
Basses that ‘electrocute’ the minds of the ‘pure’ when defending their flamenquismo and flirt with ‘palos’ more mature. Feet, legs and bodies claiming every gesture a style, even at the risk of causing, for edgy, and eviction indignation. Voices singing new lyrics and they do expand the forbidden tree.
Skirmishes who share our Musicians Workshop and Festival Flamenco de Ciutat Vella for good artists are revealed against evil, and unveil the remarkable confusion that exists around the evils.

Graphic Art direction Festival

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