Five :: studiPautrias

is a graphic communication studio specializing in Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic, Signage, Editorial Design and campaigns. 15 years experience in the field of visual communication, we can offer our customers comprehensive and holistic advice. We get involved to add, manage, share and develop with the client all stages of the project. Collaborate and experience with other professionals from different fields and sectors in order to define the appropriate equipment for each project …

is a study of graphic communication:
art direction
identity design and implementation Corportativa
applied graphics

art director: Pau Trias

we are in Barcelona

among other customers:
Obra Social La Caixa
Generalitat de Catalunya
Canal de Isabel II / Centro de Arte el Canal (Madrid)
Barcelona Meeting Point
L’illa Diagonal
Pascual Vilaplana Associats
Delassus (Marroc)
Taller de Músics
Julbo España (France)